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Core Features

Take Control Of Your Data With Our Powerful Software Features

Customer Management

Streamline customer relationships for enhanced communication and personalized service.

User Management

Controls access and activities, ensuring security and tailored experiences based on roles.

Sales Order / Invoice

Simplify sales with seamless creation and management of orders and invoices..

Inventory Management

Take control of stock levels and movements for accurate inventory management.

Access Management

Secures systems by regulating user permissions for efficient collaboration based on roles..

Document Integration

Document integration streamlines file management, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

QuickBooks Integration

Automates financial data sharing, improving efficiency and accuracy for businesses.

Drivers / Order Tracking

Order tracking guides drivers, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries for customer satisfaction.

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Customer Management

Customer Management

Customer Management

How Does It Work?

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Choosing a plan involves considering your goals, budget, and preferences. Research options, compare features, and prioritize what matters most.

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"Get your login" Ductwork is designed for manfacturing of HVAC/Duct components, to ensure timely delivery of orders and customer satisfaction along with secure access to data via Android app.

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Connect & Enjoy. Ductwork helps streamline processes, loading and tracking order delivery and manage data with ease. Try it now!

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    • $1000 for 3 months
    • 14-day free trial period



    • $2500 for 6 months
    • Integration with other services
    • 10 hours of Custom Programming/Customization Included



    • $10000 for 12 months
    • Quickbooks/ Other Financial software Integration
    • 50 hours of Custom Programming/Customization Included
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Yes, We will be happy to help you onboad by importing your data from existing applictions. Our team of engineers can assist you in this process

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