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Core Features

Take Control Of Your Data With Our Powerful Software Features

Customer Management

Streamline customer relationships for enhanced communication and personalized service.

Sales Order / Invoices

Simplify sales with seamless creation and management of orders and invoices.

Purchase Order

Optimize procurement workflows for efficient order tracking and management.

Inventory Management

Take control of stock levels and movements for accurate inventory management.

Account Management

Empower financial processes with tools ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Integration (Amazon, HSN, Shopify, Walmart)

Efficiently integrate channels like Amazon, HSN, Shopify, Walmart for enhanced efficiency.

EDI/API Status Report

Ensure real-time data health with our EDI/API status, ensuring seamless connectivity and reliability.


Make data-driven decisions with powerful analytics and customizable reports.

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Customer Management

Customer Management

Customer Management

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    • Customer / Accounts / Inventory Management
    • Sales Orders / Purchase Orders / Invoices
    • Inventory / Financial Reports
    • Integration with Amazon, Shopify, Ebay



    • All features in basic plan
    • 10 hours of custom programming per month
    • Limited API Integration
    • Limited EDI Integration



    • All features in basic plan
    • 50 hours of custom programming per month
    • Unlimited API Integration
    • Unlimited EDI Integration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, SJ ERP can be integrated with other platforms, please let us know which platform you would like to integrate we will be happy to help you out.

Yes, We will be happy to help you onboad by importing your data from existing applictions. Our team of engineers can assist you in this process

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